New dimensions of space

W Mobile Bar

WBAR is a unique mobile fun.
Bring the Wbar to the selected location, drop it with a car lift, open it, decorate it and the party can begin.
Our container has everything you need for an unforgettable experience, regardless of the location.

It is built from a 6-metre ship container, which is opened with the help of guides in its entirety. Its revolutionary nature is revealed in its surface and opening.
It consists of a built-in counter, a bar with all the bar accessories and connections, built-in tables and chairs. The space with the bar is pushed out on one side, while the other side opens into a terrace, creating an exceptional ambience of a bar.


In a closed, transport position, it occupies 15 square meters


A special system enables automatic opening


When we open it, it extends to 49 square meters.


The bar area is increased by more than three times.

Wbar video presentation

Technical description

Pull-out unit - electrically controlled unit in which a complete catering equipment is installed.

Two 300 l reservoirs for fresh and waste water are installed in the wall, together with the pumps enabling the functioning of the water installation. The size of the tank is sufficient for a 1–2 day operation of the bar.

Electrically foldable terrace that closes and serves as a wall of the container during transport.

The unit is equipped with all electrical equipment and sound system

Awning that serves as a shade and a roof.


We offer 4 different types of furnishings:

Wine bar
Champagne bar
Coctail bar
Coffee shop

Technical information

Unit size in the transport position
6055 mm x 2490 and 3000 mm in height; all dimensions are in accordance with the standards for exceptional transport below a certain limit.

Unit size in the functional position
6055 x 8140 mm and 3600 mm in height