Your ultimate wine serving system

W Doser wine serving system

Wdoser is a wine-serving device, precisely shaped, with the purpose of proper cooling and maturing of wine. Appropriate temperature, unchanged position of bottles and protection against strong light provide ideal living conditions for the wine. The wine is open in the cabinet and will not get spoiled. All this is made possible by a special innovative system.

The product offers an ideal solution for all the caterers, winemakers, wine houses and hotels to offer the people the best quality wines by the glass as well.

Colour of casing

Black inox Inox


The front part is completely covered with partially tinted glass


Enables easy selection before pouring and changing the settings

Illuminated cooling chamber


Inox pipes for the highest level of cleanlinesse

Lower drawer

Pull-out drawer with a drainage drawer and storage area

Bottle holders

Height-adjustable lifts for all types of bottles

W Doser


Controlled temperature

the system enables the setting of temperature in the range of 5–18 degrees Celsius

Constant quality of wine

an innovative system with a gas medium allows us to prevent the wine from oxidizing and thus maintaining its quality

Precise and steady pouring

the system offers us pouring of 0.5 dcl or 1 dcl with a steady flow in the entire pouring interval

Compatible payment system

possibility of payment with prepaid cards and internal cards.


the program records the quantity of emptied bottles and warns us when a bottle is empty.

Highest level of cleanliness

the entire system is made of anti-acid inox, which enables perfect cleanliness and easy cleaning.

Technical information

Depth: 460 mm
Width: 590 mm
Height: 590 mm
Weight: 60kg

A set of differently long tubes for different types of bottles is included. It is necessary to connect them to 220V on a nitrogen or argon cylinder with a pressure regulator.

W Doser Advantages

Increasing wine sales, including those of the highest quality
Increasing wine sales by the glass
Greater possibility of selection of wines sold by the glass
The wine does not oxidize, even if it is open for a long time
Quick reimbursement of the purchase costs of WDOSER