For easy pouring of wine from larger bottles.

W Canter

WCANTER is an indispensable accessory in tasting rooms and wine bars for pouring quality wines in large bottles, where the size further contributes to the quality of the wine. Thanks to its design, WCANTER is also a great addition to a space with wine content.

The product enables the pouring of wine from larger bottles (1.5 l, 3 l, 4.5 l, 6 l, 9 l, 12 l)

Bottle holder

Adapted to different bottle sizes


Prevents the bottle from slipping from the holder


By rotating the spindle, the bottles are inclined


The unique sprocket system ensures the ideal ratio between the spindle rotation and the inclination of the bottle


Colour of the holder

Aluminium Walnut Ash Tree Cherry

Colour of the casing

Black Red
Black Red
Black Red
Black Red

Technical information

Length: 560mm
Width: 375mm
Height: 530mm
Weight: 42kg

A safety tension belt to protect the bottle from slipping is included as well.

A set of drop-stop sheets is also included to prevent the wine from dribbling.