Preserving the quality of wine in a bottle

The wine in a bottle closed with a cork stopper is constantly in contact with oxygen, but this exposure is much smaller than after the bottle is opened. Then, the oxidation process begins to occur much faster and it is thus recommended that the wine is drunk as soon as possible or that the bottle is stored appropriately so that the quality remains unchanged. Oxidation affects the colour, scent  and flavour of wine; over time, the quality of such wine is reduced significantly and the oxidized wine is not suitable for consumption!
The most important thing is to minimize the contact of wine with air as much as possible. The bottle should be closed and stored in a dark and cool place, such as a refrigerator. However, the wine will still oxidize slightly, but much less than if an open bottle is simply left on the outer surface (for example, the kitchen counter)! The quality of the wine in an open bottle can be preserved in two ways. The first way is to use one of the intended silicone or rubber stoppers, some of which come with a vacuum pump, while with others, inert gas can be supplied to the wine through a replaceable capsule on the stopper.
Another way is storing wine in the customized cabinets, which preserve the quality of the wine by ensuring the appropriate temperature, supplying inert gas and by sealing the bottle, which prevents the oxygen from the surroundings from entering the bottle. An example of such a device is the WDoser device, into which you can insert five bottles of wine at the same time and it also allows the pouring of wine without losing quality, as the bottle does not need to be taken out of the device, which would allow oxygen to enter!
Protective inert gas in the bottle displaces the air and consequently the oxygen as well, which prevents oxidation of the wine and preserves its quality for several months.