Our first presentation in Brdo pri Kranju

Over 1500 wine lovers had the opportunity to meet more than 70 local and foreign winemakers. The guests were presented with novelties and the old collection of the best wines. The rich offer was made even more interesting by the morning workshop “Sparkling Wines and Champagnes”, led by a wine expert, sommelier, degustator and publicist, Leon Beton. The diverse events concluded on Račji otok (Duck Island) in the late evening hours. Every year, FESTVINA is upgraded with new content. This time, we presented new products for the production and serving of wines, developed at the Hiša Koželj in cooperation with the local experts: an indispensable tool for pouring wines in large bottles Wcanter, a wine appliance designed with precision and intended for proper cooling, maturing and pouring wines Wdoser, a flexible modular system that enables a modernly furnished interior into which we can install various Wpoint accessories and the Wmobile bar, which offers wine lovers a unique mobile entertainment.